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  • Carrie M., push!FITstudio Testimonials

    My name is Carrie and I’m a mother, wife, grandmother and retired Resource Teacher.  Underneath all these titles was an unfit woman who was diagnosed as pre-diabetic.  I had unhealthy eating habits and was overweight. I felt that walking 30 min several days a week would not only help me lose weight but keep me lean and fit. Hahah, I was fooling myself. I even joined a typical gym thinking that was the answer but after several months on their ‘circuit’ or treadmill, there were no results.

    I Joined PUSH after observing a friend lose weight, lose fat, grow stronger and lean up in just 3 months. The transformation was incredible so I thought “why not”,  I’ll give it 6 months and see what happens.

    After 3 months I lost weight, and more importantly my BMI changed dramatically, I was eating healthier and making better choices I. My diet   My Doctor was so impressed with the health changes that I went from seeing him monthly to ever 3 months. I felt amazing and started to make other healthier changes in my life 

    On top of the nutrition education, coaching and weight in sessions I was working out in small group session 3 x a week.  The coaches were amazing as they educated on how to work out properly and literally kicked our butts each session.  It was easy to see results when surrounded by training who was available to coach, guide and support you  both with nutrition and the physical workouts 

    It’s been over 6 months now and I’ve lost over 30 lbs and maintaining it.  This alone is an amazing accomplishment for me but the biggest change is how I feel, how much energy I have, how healthy I now am.   I’m no longer pre-diabetic and my doctors now see me every 6 months. 

    To anyone thinking of joining I’d say “do it”.  Stop thinking that you can do this on your own.  PUSH has years of experience working with clients for optimal results and you will get those result. 

    Carrie M.
  • Mike W., push!FITstudio Testimonials

    What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?

    I could just imagine how the conversation might go with my wife if she were to say to me: “Mike, I’ll love you when you are old, I’ll love you when you are bald, I’ll love you if you are fat. But, you don’t have to be all three.”  Maybe that would be the nudge I’d need. So before it got to that, I thought I do something about the later.

    From the age of 25 to 42, my weight crept up to almost 240lbs. At nearly 6’4” I wouldn’t have been described as “fat” but I certainly felt “Doughy”. I play a few sports, but each year I seemed to get a bit bigger, a bit slower, and a bit weaker. I was getting injured.  It was getting more difficult to keep up with my kids on the ice and ski hill. I imagine skiing with my grandkids one day, but I know that If I kept going down this path not only would I be setting a poor example for my 10 and 8-year-old, there would be no ski trips with grandkids in our future.

    What results have you achieved since starting your program?

    Six months ago I could barely do a handful of push-ups and was carrying too much weight. The good news is, with a decision to do something about it and the right actions,  we were able to loop off  30 lbs of fat. In the past few months, and found a muscle or two that had been hiding for a couple of decades.  I feel strong, fit and have energy. This outcome was the direct result of the advice, structure, and accountability Pushfit Studio provides.  Nothing like having a coach kick your butt into shape and a community to lean on.  Before I started one might have considered me relatively active, playing golf, hockey, and skiing. As it turns out, the old me was a guy who has some sports equipment. I’m proud to admit, the new me is in shape.  I’d no longer describe myself as doughy, I’d describe myself as fit and thrilled.

    What do you like best about our program/ having a trainer?

    I’ve tried to lose weight on my own in the past. This is the first time I had a professional build me a program and a trainer to coach me. Nothing like having a trainer to get you to do, what you know you should do, but don’t want to.
    I just have to show up and move how they tell me and make better eating decisions. Nothing drastic, little, better decisions on a consistent basis. Most of us know the difference between good food and bad. The right coach makes it work for you. Pretty straight forward, and because I pay for the advice, I do it.   
    Finally, Time is very valuable to me, so getting the most out of the time you are “building strength and endurance” (I hate exercise, I like to build strength and endurance, sounds cooler), and helping you put the right fuel in your body to you get your results quickly is key. There is way too much noise available on weight loss, and fitness. I benefited from having a professional to give me something that would work for me, was tailored specifically to my issues and would help me attain my goals.  The value of advice is difficult to measure, how do you put a price on Health?

    What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?

    You owe it to yourself to be the best version of you possible. We get one life, I invite you to do what you can to live it well.  

    Mike W.
  • Pat C., push!FITstudio Testimonials

    Pat C.
  • Al B. , push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "At 50 years old I needed to make changes in my overall health including physical fitness, mobility, and nutrition. Trying to do it on my own was not working for me and I needed a structured plan.

    I have seen a change in body mass focusing on increased muscle mass and core strength. I have succeeded in finding an obtainable, healthy balance in my meal plans that coincide with exercise. 

    I like the small, personal atmosphere that suits my needs. The members and staff are on a first-name basis and the program is welcoming to all. There is no competitive or intimidating environment here at all. 

    Do not compare past experiences with fitness facilities alongside push!FIT. This facility offers up some unique opportunities that you can't get elsewhere!"

    -Al B.

    Al B.
  • Angela M. , push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "I’m a mom of two energetic young kids, a wife, and an HR Consultant and I live right here in Waterdown.  I joined push!FIT in January 2016 as I’d had it; I have a ‘milestone’ birthday coming up in January 2017 and I was determined not to start my 40’s feeling like I did in my 30’s!  I made a commitment to myself to get healthier and stronger for me so that I could be a better version of mommy and wife to my hubby.  I was sick and tired of always being tired.  I was sick of always being the mom on the sidelines watching on as my husband participated in activities with the kids; either because I was too out of shape to participate or because I was too embarrassed/insecure to join in!  I was a member at push!FIT for 3 short months in 2011, so I knew what a great program they offered, so I decided it was time to focus on me again…no-one was going to change this but me!!

    I have never felt stronger and healthier than I do now; my lifestyle has completely changed in 9 short months!  I haven’t over-committed myself (exercise or nutrition) so everything is doable and sustainable.  I workout at least twice a week at push!FIT and, in addition, have also started running; for the first time in my life, I actually look forward to going to the gym! Big-box gyms do not work for me, as I will struggle to go and hold myself accountable while there.  The programs and the team of trainers at push!FIT are amazing!  The class sizes are small enough that you receive individual attention and you are constantly pushed and challenged.  I have so much more confidence in what I can achieve now (but still need the push and reminders!).  Thanks to the push!FIT team, this is the first time that I’ve felt strong and confident enough to participate in all of the activities with my family; be that at the cottage, an amusement park, a waterpark, hiking or river rafting; I wasn’t standing on the side holding the jackets and/or towels while everyone else had fun!!  I also met my goals of completing a 5K, 10K and a mud-run this season!  Can’t wait for the next challenge!

    What would I say to someone on the fence about joining the studio?
    What are you afraid of?  Just do it!!

    Is it the money?  Yes, it may seem expensive but it’s an investment in your health.  It sounds cliché but that’s invaluable and completely worth it in the long run!

    Is it time?  The studio is located in such a convenient location (especially if you are a resident of Waterdown/Flamborough).  The classes are quick, you are in and out in an hour!   You get a great workout in in 60 minutes!

    Are you afraid you can’t do it?  Can’t keep up with the others?  Don’t be!!  All of the trainers and clients are so friendly and welcoming.  There are different class levels and different levels within each class!  The trainers are great at accommodating everyone’s individual fitness level.  You will be challenged but not pushed beyond your ability…you’ll walk away from the class feeling proud of yourself!
    Thanks again to the team at push!FIT for all of your support!"

    -Angela M

    Angela M.
  • Barb H. , push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "I decided to start this program because I knew I had to live a healthier lifestyle for my family and I. I have always been active but hated cooking. My unhealthy habits were catching up to me in the way I felt in my clothes, my mood and my energy level.  I was always blaming my poor meal choices and lack of good workouts on working and busy kids schedules. I knew it was time to make some positive changes to provide my daughters with a good role model and give them some knowledge and skills to make better choices too.  I had joined push!FIT before to exercise and thought I'd continue the same workouts on my own but quickly lost all my strength within 3 months of discontinuing. I really wanted to feel fit and strong again.

    I have lost 15 lbs, 3.5 inches on my hips and 1.5 on my thighs!! My body fat decreased 6% which put me in the normal range! Yay! I have learned to plan my meals by macro balancing each meal. I have also made myself learn to cook and rely less on fast food fixes. The thing I'm most proud of, and surprised of, is that I now prefer my cooking over take out!! I also hear comments from my kids on how awful they feel after eating out or making unhealthy choices. I am feeling very fit and strong now. I couldn't do a push up when I joined. Now I can do 10, some chin ups, box jumps and can do level 2 plank challenges!! I feel great in my clothes and actually bought a bikini and wear it in public!!!

    I love going to group fit classes. The trainers are very knowledgable and get to know your strengths and weaknesses. They are very good at motivating and pushing you to do your best. I really enjoyed the group nutrition meetings. I learned how to plan and prepare macro balanced meals, and enjoyed listening to people who had struggles/ challenges just like me. I really like how the meetings covered all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. I looked forward to going and felt accountable for my choices that I made between meetings. I would tell someone who was on the fence about joining to do it! You are worth it! We schedule everything else in life (work, kids). Make time for your health. You will feel great!"

    -Barb H

    Barb H.
  • Courtney W., push!FITstudio Testimonials

    What motivated you to join Push Fit?

    To be completely honest, a best friend of mine had already joined Push Fit and suggested I do the 90 Fit and Lean program with her. The studio is about a drive for me but I agreed to try this out because I thought my friend was looking for an ally to help her accomplish her goals! Unaware of her true motives, I arrived at Push Fit to complete my orientation and initial body composition. Listening to the results I slowly realized that she was gently telling me that I was overweight and WE needed to do something about it. (I love my friend.)  I was nervous about joining because my hips were sore and I was having trouble climbing the stairs in my house. I had torn a muscle a year or two earlier which had limited my activity. As for the rest of my pain - I assumed I was having bone issues. Devastated by my weight and unsure about my physical capability to do anything about it, I drove home in shock and in tears.

    Discovering where you`re at physically can be brutal and maybe a little humiliating; the truth is that I was approaching 40 overweight and sore. For me, my independent life was just beginning. I had dreams of travel and adventure on the horizon. I not only wanted to be strong enough to make my dreams a reality, but I wanted to enjoy every minute of it – which meant not using banisters and popping Tylenol.  I had given 20 years of my time and money to my family (and I loved it)…but, perhaps it was time to finally admit that I count too: my health counts, my confidence counts, my dreams count.

    As instructed, I made a list of what I wanted to accomplish:

    -Lose weight (why is this always the go-to for women)
    -Improve my strength
    -Become healthy

    I quickly dried my tears and it occurred to me that my size was clearly not a huge issue for me. Up until now, I was blissfully happy in my size 34 jeans (and slightly overflowing C cup bra) but I knew I was NOT blissful about my sore body. So improving my physical strength became my focus and bounding effortlessly up the stairs in my three-story home became my first goal. In the back of my I knew my jean size would reduce over time, but it was not enough to really motivate me to improve my eating habits and hit the gym. Weight loss quickly moved to the bottom of the list.  

    What results have you achieved since starting your program?

     First and foremost, within 12 weeks of joining push fit (working out approximately 3-4 times a week) - I was bounding up my stairs like a gazelle! Mission accomplished, it felt amazing and I was hooked! I never want to be weak again. (Incidentally, I lost 13lbs of fat). After the Fit and Lean program ended, I bought a membership. Working at my own pace I have continued to build my muscle mass and now that I feel confident about my strength, I have shifted my primary focus to my dietary habits. (I am a gorgeous gazelle now - maybe I do want to show it off a little…). Since I have joined Push Fit I have gained 5lbs of muscle and I have lost 22 lbs. of fat. I can run, jump and climb with my son...and don`t even get me started on my confidence!

    What do I like best: 

    I love this studio. It is a 100% no judge zone. The guided workouts are fantastic and effective. The trainers are outstanding, encouraging, and they are willing to work with you to achieve your best self...whatever that looks like for you. There is a lot of value in knowing that you are making the most of your time when you are working out. The trainers ensure that you are maximizing your potential and executing the movements correctly to avoid injury.   The Push Fit culture is unique. There is a combined focus on physical health, mental and nutrition - and in my all three are equally important and necessary to reach your goals. The culture extends beyond the trainers and the program. The other members have become some of my greatest supporters!

    What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?

    I don’t believe that I would have accomplished what I have accomplished over the last year on my own in a regular gym.  We all have our reasons for deciding not to join and I am not sure what is holding you back, but:

    If it is time - you should be a priority in your own life. You count too.

    If it is health – you have to start somewhere and you are not alone. At times it will be really hard, (you might even swear at your trainer) but I promise you it is worth it.

    If it is money - price is only an issue when there isn’t value. Push Fit is worth every penny. If you can find the money, invest it in yourself.

    Join. You will not regret it. 



    Courtney W.
  • Jaye P., push!FITstudio Testimonials

    What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?

    I have skied and danced all my life, however other than that and some walking here and there that was the extent of my exercise.  I started a weight loss program and was doing well, however it only incorporated the food aspect and there wasn’t any movement or exercise component.  I had lost about 25lbs and felt like I need to step it up.  I was ready to incorporate exercise into my daily life so that that I could not only lose the rest of the weight that I wanted to, but I could also feel physically better and have more confidence so that I wouldn’t have any boundaries in my way when I wanted to try a new activity.

    What results have you achieved since starting your program?

    Since starting the program 9 months ago, I have gained more muscle/ skeletal mass and lost an additional 32lbs, but most of all I’ve gained more confidence in my self and that I can do what I set out to do.  On day one, I couldn’t even do one push-up and now I can do that, a box jump and so much more.  I am not as focused on the weight loss as I am on building lean muscle.  I added the nutritional component and have learned a tremendous amount of invaluable information about feeding my body in a healthy way.  It has actually changed the way I eat; some things that I thought were “healthy” are actually not and so I have reduced them and in some instances cut them out of my diet.

    What do you like best about our program/ having a trainer?

    I love the small class sizes and that ALL the trainers are friendly, caring and helpful and ensure that everyone is doing the exercises correctly, while at the same time pushing each of our individual limits so that we improve.  I have also found that the members are friendly and encourage each other which I think is really important.
    What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?
    Don’t wait, you won’t regret it.  I thought about it for far too long mostly due to the financial commitment, however, I have not thought twice since joining.  The results are incredible and well worth it!!  I feel better than I ever have and I know that it’s because I have put in the work but I have also had someone ‘in my corner’ encouraging me every step of the way.

    Jaye P.
  • Lauren L. , push!FITstudio Testimonials

    What motivated you to join Push Fit?

    My daughter started the programme and within a matter of weeks she started to see results. I asked her if she thought I could do the workouts, being an older woman. She said yes there are different age groups and the workouts are tailored to what you can and cannot do.  

    What results have you achieved since starting your program?

    I have been struggling with my weight for about 15 years or more and I have seen great results. I am more toned, feel better about myself, and can keep up with my grandchildren.   I had sleep apnea for at least 15 years and with my weight loss I no longer have it.  I am also able to get into all my smaller clothes, plus had to buy new ones as the others are way too big.

    What do I like best: 

    What I love about the studio are the trainers. They are wonderful and really care about your journey. The workouts are tailored to your needs. They are very cautious and do not want you to hurt yourself, and they can work around any injuries you may have. They are also supportive and encouraging and want you to succeed so you are never alone. I like the continuing progress reports so you can see the results as you move ahead. The trainers have lots of suggestions regarding your food likes and dislikes. There is a lot of variety with the nutrition plan. You are never hungry.   The most important thing with this programme is both the exercise and the nutrition plans. I have a gluten and sugar allergy so I thought my diet was pretty healthy.  I was wrong and they were able to pinpoint my problem areas. So it is very important to combine both to see maximum results.

    What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?

    If you are older don't worry about the workouts. The trainers are so great with a variety of exercises that you can do depending on your needs. push!FIT is the only programme that actually worked for me and I was finally able to see results of weight loss and eating and feeling healthier.


    Lauren L.
  • Sarah B., push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "One day I was going through pictures from my son’s birthday and asked myself “who is that person?”. I was just so big I couldn’t recognize myself! I have had 3 kids and my last took a huge toll on my weight - gaining a whopping 90lb. When he came out I lost about 10 lbs, which is natural, but still had over 80lbs to lose. My friend had amazing results and decided to join Push!FIT.

    Since I’ve started, I feel happier, healthier, fitter and more confident! Makes me feel like i’m in my 20’s! I’ve learned to love myself. I feel great when I put my clothes on and I don’t need to make special trips to the plus size section! I still have a about 30lbs left to lose but I know I can do it! I tell myself “I’ve lost 50lbs in 5 months I can lose the last 30 in 3! There is nothing I can't do!”

    Having a knowledgeable trainer like Christine Chisholm has helped me through this for sure. She is always there cheering me on and challenging me to push past my potential. 

    For anyone on the fence about joining… Just do it! Every time I see friends and family they tell me I look great and that they wished they started when I did. Never procrastinate. It is a costly service but the benefits and team behind you are far worth it."

    -Sarah B

    Sarah B.
  • Dave D., push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "I decided to start a training and nutrition program because I was stuck in a regular routine, which was not working. I would go to the gym 2-3 times per week, and have my regular work out. I would eat healthy -- most of the time. My effort level towards my health was average and the results I was seeing were average -- not GREAT!  I needed a new look at training and nutrition and the ALPHA program sounded awesome. Also, I wanted to see my ABS again!!

    Since starting the program I have noticed many changes, mostly in my diet.  The simple changes (which seemed hard at the beginning) made the largest impact.  Just eating a balanced meal, and eating at regular intervals changes your whole day/week/month.  After the first month I had lost weight, dropped my body fat, gained muscle, and was feeling stronger and more fit. I also noticed I was focusing better during the day, not as tired, and more motivated.

    Having a program is key to the success. It gives you something to follow, and track your progress. The monthly assessments were also very encouraging to see what I had achieved. Having a trainer is awesome! I would come to the gym ready to work, and the trainers pushed me. I worked mostly with Daniel and Christine C, both are amazing at what they do. With 2 half hour work outs per week, it was like night and day in comparison to what I used to do on my own in the gym. 

    I would definitely recommend this program.  Christine and the whole team are very supportive and are very good at what they do. When you think you are pushing hard, they make you push harder. I'm starting to see my ABS again!!"

    -Dave D.

    Dave D.
  • Donna C., push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "I have been an active person over the last 30 years and after a back injury several years ago, I have struggled to find an exercise program to help me get back on my feet. After attending an open house, I signed up for the exercise and nutrition programs at push, and have not looked back. 

    I became accountable for my well being. 

    Learning to eat the right foods at the right time along with the exercise has enabled me to lose weight, inches and become more toned. I feel stronger and have energy plus! I have achieved this goal because of the positive attitude and support offered from everyone at push!FIT, along with my family and friends. "

    -Donna C

    Donna C.
  • Erin G. , push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "I had previously been in a program that was very intense and very strict in terms of food and working out. That program opened my eyes to the benefits of training however; I was terrified I wouldn't be able to keep up the workouts and eating habits on my own without any support. That’s when I saw a Facebook ad for the 12 Week Transformation program at Push!Fit . To me, this seemed like a great extension to what I was already doing and would help keep me accountable. It’s been much more than that. 

    This program gave me a new, and in my opinion better, view of food and eating. Christine doesn't just tell you what you should eat and when. She gives you the tools to learn what’s best for you and how to change your eating habits. For the first time in a long time I feel relaxed about food. I’m not scared of falling of some bandwagon because I don’t feel like I’m on one. I've changed my lifestyle and that’s a great feeling.

    Since the 12 Week Transformation program I've joined Push!Fit as a member. It’s been great to develop a workout routine that incorporates both cardio and weight training and schedule that I stay committed to.

    Since starting with Push!Fit I've had great results. I always struggled with cardio but I know I've vastly improved in that area. This is also the first time I've been able to stick with a workout routine and see it as a priority in my life. I try not to focus on numbers too much but, my body fat percentage is the lowest it’s ever been! WOOOO!

    What I love most about Push!Fit is the atmosphere of the gym. Everyone is so nice, welcoming and encouraging. The workouts are great. They can be tough or easily scaled down to any fitness level. It’s nice getting to know the trainers, other clients and be a part of a community.

    Every day is another chance to change your life! Got off the fence and get in the gym. The rewards are so worth it. "

    -Erin G.

    Erin G.
  • Guy L. , push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "Living with chronic knee pain was starting to affect my life! It was slowing me down and making me miserable. It doesn’t take a physicist to realize that added weight on the joints isn’t a good thing. It was time for changeMy push!FIT family not only offers to oversee my fitness but also offers to guide their members through nutrition programs. This was easy decision for me. 

    Since starting the plan in late May of 2014 I have lost 10 pounds but what I’m thrilled the most with is that I have reduced my body fat from 41% in January to 23.5 % in the beginning of July. Wow, can you just picture 41% of body fat around my organs? I was worried about my joints, let alone my heart! 

    The things I like about this nutrition plan is the “no pressure approach”, you set the pace of your weight loss journey. This is truly an education program and when someone is learning new skills mistakes happen! Christine Line and her team guide you in the right direction resulting in a positive outcome. 

    If anyone is sitting on the fence and are wondering if they should start a nutrition/fitness program at push!FIT, I’d yell a boisterous “Give it a try”!!! We are all afraid of change and the fears it may bring. Be positive, change is a good thing! However, I’d prepare them that they would be taken outside their comfort zone but positive results are just around the corner!! 

    Christine Line and her staff offer unique training approaches and nutrition plans that help you achieve positive results. I am truly grateful that I am a member of the push!FIT family. "

    -Guy L.

    Guy L.
  • Karen A., push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "I joined PushFit on the recommendation of my friends and neighbours, Kathryn and Nathalie, who were already diligent members and in fantastic shape.  Prior to joining PushFit, I felt I was in reasonable health with a normal BMI and using running and skiing as my primary forms of exercise.  At first, I didn’t feel like I needed a new fitness routine.  However, with age, I was frequently injured with knee and hip issues.  After attending a try-out class, I was hooked on the idea.

    Looking for a complement to running, PushFit seemed like a logical choice.  What I didn’t realize, was how it was the best choice I could make.  Joining PushFit opened my eyes to how to build lean muscle, strengthen joints and reduce injury.  Within the first two months, I was shaving time off my runs, skiing harder and feeling stronger.  During that time, I decided to try a 28-day HIIT Challenge, losing just over 7% body fat – amazing results.

    PushFit’s best features are its efficiency, support, accountability and sense of community.  

    • Efficiency – a high intensity, one hour workout, including warm-up and stretching, all completed before the chaos of getting a family out the door to school and work.  .  . and easy to fit in at least 3 times a week.
    • Support – fantastic trainers, who bring a unique perspective to each workout, providing individual feedback on technique and motivation within a workout.  
    • Accountability – you cannot hide at PushFit.  You want to be at workouts and are missed when you’re not there!  The body composition analysis and ongoing follow-up keep you going.
    • Community – the support of fellow health conscious members, each with their own goals, and expert trainers, all looking out for you.

    PushFit has been a great catalyst to taking my fitness up a notch and increasing my awareness of what more can be done!"

    -Karen A.

    Karen A.
  • Krista B. , push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "I knew it was time to get back into a regular fitness routine but had no interest in big box gyms offering machines and the same boring classes that didn’t fit my busy schedule. I went searching for knowledgeable, experienced trainers that could relate to me as a working mom. The family oriented team at push!FIT studio understand how difficult it is to balance work, family and personal fitness. They took the time to get to know me as a person and assisted greatly in achieving my goals. I enjoy simply showing up and letting someone else figure out what it is that I specifically need to work on to improve my personal fitness, nutrition and well-being. 

    Over the last year I’ve increased lean muscle, strength, stability and energy through challenging, efficient workouts that focus on multiple muscle groups at once. I’ve also discovered how important it is to eat higher quality foods packed with protein and healthy fats to sustain those positive results. Thanks to push! for working with what I have to create a much more functional body... "

    -Krista B.

    Krista B.
  • Maria W., push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "This is not your typical boring gym! I knew that I needed to make changes due to health issues and push!FIT was the place to start. The trainers and staff were so helpful in walking me through the starting phases, not to mention highly knowledgeable!

    One thing I really enjoyed is that each workout is made challenging, creative and fun. The trainers place high value on correct form, making sure you don’t put yourself in a position to get injured. They motivate me to PUSH past my perceived limits to get results. Because of this, I am stronger and more flexible! You can't beat the atmosphere and variety in classes! 

    Push!Fit is a one stop studio that works with the whole person - mentally, emotionally, and physically. If you’re serious about changing your life for the better, push!FIT will lead you every step of the way!"

    -Maria W.

    Maria W.
  • Mary D. , push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "During the last six years before joining push!FIT studio, I felt that my physical ability had become stagnant. 

    Although I was active, I lacked energy and stamina. Christine Line of push!FIT studio, along with the nutritionist have taught me to achieve a balance of nutrition and exercise enabling me to reach my goals of weight loss and feeling healthy and fit in a short period of time!

    I could not have done this without the support and encouragement of all the Trainers, Nutritionists and my family!"

    -Mary D.

    Mary D.
  • Matt M. , push!FITstudio Testimonials

    What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?

    My journey started simply from a referral from my Chiropractor. I knew I had to make changes in my life but had not taken the initiative myself and really didn’t know where to start. I had been very active my whole life playing basketball and volleyball but through various injuries over time as well as work and family commitments had moved away from that and become very inactive. I had also joined a gym previously but had very mixed results. I had an assessment done at Push Fit and was shocked at how poor my results were. From there we went through a comprehensive list of options and worked out a training and nutrition program that best met my needs.
    What results have you achieved since starting your program?

    I have been ecstatic with the results I have achieved so far. I have lost over forty pounds  in three months and more importantly my energy levels are through the roof. I feel healthier and stronger than ever and feel confident in my ability to continue to achieve results. I no longer just want to plop down on the couch when I get home from work and feel better able to participate in my family’s lives.

    What do you like best about our program/ having a trainer?

    The program overall provides a great balance between pushing you along but ensuring it’s at the right pace. The nutrition program does not overwhelm you to start and layers in concepts at a pace that make sense and are sustainable. All trainers are highly qualified, are consistent and make sure your workouts align to your overall goals. They also put a lot of focus into doing things the right way to ensure maximum results and to minimize risk of injury. The trainers also provide great advise on how to navigate through those situations that may have prevented you from achieving your goals in the past whether that be a stressful period at work or simply a long weekend with the guys!

    What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?

    You really need to reflect on what you have done in the past and why it hasn’t worked. This is not just about getting some exercise, it’s about a lifestyle change in a supportive environment that focuses on doing things the right way.

    Matt M.
  • Nathalie D. , push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "About 5 years ago, I realized that, although I was an active person, I wasn't exercising regularly. So I started running and exercising at home but felt I had reached a plateau. My level of fitness was not where I wanted it to be. I joined push!FIT on the recommendation of a friend over 2 years ago and I am so glad I did!

    Since joining push!FIT, I have seen significant gains in my strength and overall fitness. I am stronger now than I have ever been. The trainers provide new, high energy workouts that leave me feeling great. I love the small class size because I get a personal trainer-like experience with the social aspect of working out with others. The trainers challenge us to ensure we are working hard. No matter what level you are-everyone gets a great workout.

    There are many things that happen to us on a daily basis that are beyond our control. I think focusing on what IS in our control such as making the time to exercise and making healthy choices is very important. If you are thinking about "doing something", push!FIT is a worthwhile investment in yourself. The focus at PushFit is on healthy living, not just a quick fix. They provide the whole package and they support  you all the way!"

    -Nathalie D.

    Nathalie D.
  • Rob T. , push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "I joined Push Fit a little over a year ago and I’m now enjoying a pain-free lifestyle.

    I've always been very active with boxing, taekwondo, weight training, mountain biking and whatever else I felt like doing that I thought was fun.
    Being in shape or weight management has never been an issue for me so I never thought about using a personal trainer or doing group classes.
    To be honest I thought they were a waste of time and money and something I would never be interested in.

    Ever since I can remember I’ve had issues with my lower back, just mild pain that I figured was due to my active lifestyle.
    Until a couple of years ago it started to get a lot worse and last summer I couldn’t stand in one spot for more than a minute or two without sharp pains shooting through my back.
    I was still active and using over the counter pain medication on a daily basis.
    My back was getting worse not better so I decided to get it checked out.

    That's when I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis. You can google it but it basically it means my l5 vertebra has broken off the spine and shifted forward.
    Devastating news for me. I thought my active lifestyle was over until I was referred to Push Fit.
    Christine Line knew exactly what my condition was and we set up some personal training sessions.
    Turns out most of the knowledge I had acquired over the years from magazines and guys at the gym regarding weight training was wrong. Or at least my form was bad.

    Joining Push Fit has been the best thing I've ever done for my overall health. The trainers are all excellent and very knowledgeable about everything fitness related.
    Everyone here treats you more like a friend than a client and seem to have a genuine concern for your fitness.
    I’m now virtually pain-free and I can’t remember the last time I took pain medication.
    If your sill reading this little ramble of mine then thanks for sticking it out to the end, but really you should just get your workout gear on and get busy at Push Fit.

    It will change your life for the better. I know it did mine!"

    -Rob T.

    Rob T.
  • Jacqueline H., push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "I wanted to start a fitness program as I had not made a lot of time to exercise consistently since having my son. I was feeling low on energy, I had lost muscle and wanted to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape. In addition to that, I compete on a high level sports team and wanted to be in the best shape possible so I could perform well.

    Since joining push!FIT, I have been able to lose inches, body fat and more than 15lbs. I feel toned, strong, healthy, confident and fit. I have surpassed my goals and feel good about myself again.

    What I like most about push!FIT is the group training sessions. They are small, the trainers are experienced, friendly, and provide motivation and encouragement. Workouts are planned for you and modifications can be made to suit all levels of fitness or any limitations you may have due to sports injuries etc. The fit and lean program was also beneficial and taught me how to eat even better and balance my meals properly based on my individual needs.

    I would definitely recommend coming to push!FIT to achieve any fitness and/or health goals. I have never had such great results or a program that was easy to stick with. It takes dedication and hard work but it's become a lifestyle for me!"

    -Jacqueline H

    Jacqueline H.
  • Tara L. , push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "At first I thought I would join Pushfit to just to lose a few pounds and shed some of the baby weight. Little did I know that it would be the beginning of a larger journey! Looking back at the past year, I have to say that being at Pushfit has become more of a personal challenge to find "myself".  I think all of us have this inner person that you know is the REAL you. That looks a certain way, and behaves a certain way. Over the years with work, kids, and other commitments I feel like the true me got a bit lost. Exercise has been the one thing I can control and getting stronger and fitter has been the motivation to keep going. Plus it extends into other aspects of my life and makes me feel more balanced.

    I am definitely a lot stronger physically and I'm a lot more comfortable wearing sleeveless clothing because my arms are more defined.  The best is the boost in confidence in one's abilities.

    I enjoy the fact that class sizes are small and friendly.  The group of trainers are wonderful and extremely supportive and each workout is different.  You can't come to these classes and fade into the background. You will get called out to push yourself but in a positive way.

     If you are thinking about it the time is NOW not in a few months or a few years. Do this for YOU. You won't regret it!"

    -Tara L.

    Tara L.
  • Jo B. , push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "I joined push!FIT because I had met Christine Line at a function and she was so passionate about her studio and how it differs from other clubs. As I had been wanting to get back into working out after a couple of years hiatus, I decided to check it out and started with personal training sessions for the first couple months. I haven’t looked back since! I really enjoy the fact the classes are small, and it feels like you have a personal trainer every time you work out.

    The biggest result I have achieved is the ongoing commitment to the program, working out at least 2-4 times per week. Along with that, I feel much stronger, more toned and an overall feeling of well-being and health. I have changed eating habits and really look at food differently now. This has not only benefited me, but my husband as well!

    I enjoy the fact that the workouts are different every time. They are fast paced, work the entire body, and the best part is I don’t have to think about what to do! The trainers are all very motivational and knowledgeable and can help you adapt to exercises due to injuries or limitations. 

    If you are looking for an overall body workout, with personal attention in small class settings, then this is the place for you! From nutrition advice, to attaining personal challenges and accountability, push!FIT trainers are always there for you."

    -Jo B.

    Jo B.
  • Jenny V. , push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "I am a 55yr old mother and grandmother, I’ve always been an active woman, always busy and love to travel. I lost some weight on my own, but I needed that extra push to help me loose the rest of the weight that I wanted gone. That is when I came to Push FIT!

    I was on the 21day Beach Body challenge and I lost 7lbs, but the biggest improvement was the lean mass I developed. I lost the weight I wanted, but thats not just it! My torso has changed dramatically and I couldn’t be happier.

    From my experience doing the challenge, I would take away the improvements with my form that I have learned in the group classes and the major nutrition tips everyone should be aware of.

    Anyone sitting there thinking about doing the challenge, stop thinking and just DO IT! It’s an incredible experience and it’s only 3-4 weeks, so take a step and make a change!"

    -Jenny V.

    Jenny V.
  • Jenny M. , push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "For the past 10 years, I had been consistently putting on a few pounds a year from a love of junk food and too much wine. My clothes size started increasing and everything was getting tighter. The final tipping point was when I saw a picture of myself from the back and actually didn’t know who it was. I knew then that I needed to do something to get back to the me I pictured in my mind. 

    To date I have lost almost 20 lbs. Although this is great, the big deal is not the pounds, but rather the way I feel and look. I feel healthier, stronger, leaner, more energized, and more motivated than ever to keep going to hit my end goal. I’m happier with myself and the biggest bonus is that none of my pants fit anymore! 

    As someone who had never set foot in a gym in her life, I needed the trainers to teach me what to do, how to do it, and to make me push harder. Kevin and Christine C. keep me accountable, and are great motivators! The Nutrition program has taught me how to build better meals and overall make healthier choices. Christine L. makes sure I am following through on my goals and helps me refocus whenever I fall off track a little! 

    For me, there was always the excuse that I didn’t have time or it was not the right time because of travel or whatever else was going on in my life. The truth is, there is no perfect time. 

    If you really want to succeed, you will find the time!"

    -Jenny M.

    Jenny M.
  • John L. , push!FITstudio Testimonials

    "For years I have played soccer and last year, I tore the meniscus in my knee. After taking a year off to get my knee scoped and finishing up physio, I knew I needed to do more. I was overweight and having issues with high cholesterol from my diet. Not good. I remember the first session with Christine and feeling like I was going to die. It took 3 hours for the “dry heaving” feeling to go away. 4 months later, I am likely in the best shape I have been in for more than two decades.

    I’ve been playing soccer again all season with confidence, I feel and look stronger and have focused on living and eating better. 
    Christine has been far more than a trainer to me and I swear I won't stop til I can outrun her… Thanks, Christine!"

    -John L.

    John L.


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