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Lose fat, gain strength and build confidence while transforming your fitness to a whole new level with GROUP Training

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Change the way your body looks and feels today. Increase lean muscle, lose body fat and gain total body and core strength with our Group training sessions.

Our unique exercise program offers SAFE solutions for beginners, intermediate, advanced as well as those with physical limitations. Our goal is to improve your total body strength, balance, flexibility and stamina. These goals are achieved by ongoing accountability sessions as well as direct exercise supervision.


Group training is perfect for those who have some fitness experience, are motivated and enjoy working alongside others yet still want to work with a personal trainer to make sure they are doing things right. All our sessions are limited to 8-10 people max to ensure you get the modifications and extra push you need when you need it. We have a great small group training community. Our members inspire, motivate and encourage each other to show up, kick things up a notch and participate in new FIT adventures together.

What To Expect From Group Training At push!FITstudio:

  • Initial Consultation, InBody Composition Assessment and Health History
  • Awesome training sessions that will challenge you, target key areas, burn FAT and never leave your bored!
  • Monthly Accountability Sessions, InBody Composition and Goal Setting Continual Re-Evaluation and Personal Growth!
  • Limited to 8-10 people per session = Lots of individual attention
  • Small Group Training all led by a Personal Trainer.
  • AM and PM availability – choose any day/time of the week. Work out any time that works with your schedule – no commitment to set days!
  • Start at any time! No waiting for “sessions” to start.

Our trainers will lead your exercise program, provide support, education, motivation and supervision of form and technique. AND they will challenge you every step of the way, ensuring proper exercise and success!

PushFit Studio Personal Training Waterdown

What you will find is an expert team of coaches and tailor made programs that deliver real results, unparalleled support and tons of motivation! If you are looking to gain strength, lose those extra pounds and transform your fitness level , push!FITstudio personal training will get you there and push! you beyond your initial expectations to a total transformation. You will be amazed at your own results!

YOUR GOAL – Get your body moving again! Learn proper technique over basic movements, build strength and flexibility: Fundamentals is for you

YOUR GOAL – Change your body now. Lean out, tone up and progress your workouts and see change: GroupFIT is for you.

YOUR GOAL – Stronger, Fitter, Faster. Time to really heat things up with plyometrics, complex movements and progressions: Blast! is for you.


We combine TRX, swiss ball training, cables and free weights with cardio blasts to give you one great workout! Plus weather permitting we can take those workouts outdoors for an even bigger energy boost.

If you'd like more information or would like to set up a Free Consultation today, just fill out the no-obligation contact form on the side of this page. We'll be in contact with you soon with more information about what we can do for you.


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