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Are you looking for a passionate, vibrant speaker, who values optimal performance, fitness and mental wellness?

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Are you looking for someone who has the knowledge, the tools and the experience to execute a successful seminar or wellness program?

push!FITstudio is a big believer that being fit means much more than just “looking” good. There are a lot of unhealthy “skinny” people. Being FIT means feeling energized, happy and ALIVE. It means performing well and feeling confident. It means eating well, sleeping well and performing optimally across many levels in our lives – at work, in relationships and on a physical level.

Research repeatedly sheds light on the benefits of exercise, clean eating and mindfulness over our mental performance. Our brains work best when we move our bodies and eat clean fuel. The link between these elements and performance at work has served as inspiration for push!


This attitude has inspired push!FITstudio to get into the workplace and help companies develop programs and workshops to help their teams feel great and perform their best.


Whether you are looking for a Holistic Health Coach to speak on wellness at your next corporate event, or you need a comprehensive program to bring in house, our team can deliver. From quick and simple “Lunch and Learn sessions” to a company wide “Fat Loss Challenge” or “12 Weeks to Wellness Program”, we are happy to introduce fitness to the workplace as a community and energy building opportunity.

Christine Line brings in the knowledge, the tools and the coaching to execute a successful yet fun program that can be introduced to a team or on an individual level.

Who is this for?

  • Corporate Executives and Staff strapped for time with busy schedules.
  • Employee and manager programs
  • Church groups/Teams and Organizations
Three Components of Wellness: FOOD, MOVEMENT and the MIND

What topics can we cover:

  • REAL eating and FITNESS for busy lifestyles. Quick and Dirty Meal Solutions, Food
  • Survival on a Travel Schedule, Eat this Not That in the workplace and many more
  • Transforming your BODY with SIMPLE STEPS to take ACTION on
  • Movement that matters. Healthy Posture, Healthy Heart
  • Surviving Work, Family and Home while meeting your NEEDS
  • Mental Wellness, Stress Management and Disease Prevention
  • The Nutrition Solution for Optimal Brain Power, Mental Sharpness and Creativity
  • 28 Day FAT LOSS CHALLENGE at work!

The opportunities for a topic are limitless! If you have a topic you would like to address please email and set up a complimentary consult to discuss your corporate needs.


Just fill out the short no-obligation form on the side of this page or contact to request more information or to set up an appointment on how push!FITstudio can help your office!


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