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Let’s be honest. Getting in shape & living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be so confusing, require a perfect way of living or take up all your time.

We get it. You strive to do the best you can. You work hard balancing a busy schedule of work, family commitments and time with friends. But those demands can often come at a cost- not only to your health but to your identity. You’re no longer the same energetic person you used to be.

If you are serious about regaining control of your health and experiencing a whole new level of strength, energy, and confidence it’s time for a different approach. An approach that addresses your needs, your goals, YOUR unique life and meets you where you are at today. It’s time to put YOU back on your priority list, and we would be honored to be part of your journey.

Our coaching team brings over 30 years of holistic health, nutrition & training expertise together in a proven, step-by-step system & plan you CAN follow through on. We know you want long-term results and that’s why our programs are designed to keep you accountable while giving you the support and guidance you need in a non-intimidating environment.

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Step One: Fill Out the Form on this page

Fill out the contact form on this page to request your complimentary consultation with one of our coaches.


Step Two: Connect over the phone

We want to make sure that we answer your questions and get to know you a bit better. In this brief call we’ll ask you a few questions regarding your goals/health history and determine if this is a good fit for both of us.


Step Three: Come in for your Complimentary Consultation

Getting to know you is important to us. This session gives us time to review your health history, look at your current needs, fitness level and set goals together.


Step Four: Get your Program Recommendation

We want to give you the BEST PLAN for success. Your life is unique. Your health history is unique and therefore your plan should be as well. You’ll get a specific program recommendation by one of our health coaches so you can get started right away knowing you are making the best investment of your time, money and energy. If it’s the right fit, you can get started right away!

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Personal Training

At push!FITstudio we give you all the tools you need to become your best self! Our coaches are there to give you guidance and that extra push to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals!

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Group Training

In our Group Training classes you'll experience one-on-one instruction from our dedicated trainers while benefiting from the social aspects and friendly competition of a group setting!

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Weight Loss and Nutrition

At Push!FITstudio, we want to be able to help you break through stubborn plateaus by adding proper Nutrition to your Workout regimen. Eating healthily will not only aid you in your weight loss goals, but it will also ease many existing health conditions!

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6 Step Approach

To Optimal Health & Performance

push!FITstudio Clarify Your Goals and Create A Plan in Burlington - push!FITstudio

Clarify Your Goals and Create A Plan

Without a clearly defined goal, you will never see results. This is why we will help you to clarify what exactly it is that you want, and help to craft a plan that will ensure success for the long term.

push!FITstudio In Depth Health & Fitness Assessment in Burlington - push!FITstudio

In Depth Health & Fitness Assessment

Every client that comes through our doors gets a complete postural, strength and mobility assessment.. We always work from the inside out! This also includes a complete nutrition & lifestyle assessment where we take a deep dive into your food, sleep and stress patterns.

push!FITstudio Your Program Design in Burlington - push!FITstudio

Your Program Design

Based on your Fitness Assessment +Health Appraisal + Your existing goals - we will create a custom training program for you to follow each session. Group training clients will receive a custom stretching & mobility program + any modifications needed to ensure you are moving safely and getting the most from you.

push!FITstudio Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching in Burlington - push!FITstudio

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

We fundamentally believe you can’t out-train poor nutrition, sleep or stress habits. That’s why nutrition and lifestyle coaching is the foundation of all we do. We’ll give you all the tools and the guidance you need to be successful while integrating this into REAL life. No cookie cutter meal plans, restrictive diets or gimmicks.

push!FITstudio Implement & Commit to Action in Burlington - push!FITstudio

Implement & Commit to Action

Change comes with consistent action and challenge. You will be guided and supported through each session while being challenged & held accountable to showing up and doing the work.. That’s where most people struggle and that’s exactly why you work with us.

push!FITstudio Re-Assess & Adjust! in Burlington - push!FITstudio

Re-Assess & Adjust!

Plans need to be re-evaluated and adjusted continuously in order to make sure you are on track and continuing to see change. Every 4-6 weeks you will receive a re-assessment or fit focus session, including a body composition analysis and your program will be adjusted/modified as needed.

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